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      The best thing about handbags is that they come in all kinds of colours, designs and materials for every taste and occasion. To provide an overview of our range of bag designs, we have compiled a brief Bag Guide with the key features of the different types of bags, including timeless classics as well as brand new trends.

      The Shopper

      The shopper has earned its place among the essential must-have bags. With its often understated design, it slots effortlessly into office as well as casual looks. The characteristic feature of the shopper is its size. It is so roomy that it has space for books, a laptop and even some little purchases. The shopper is the perfect hand luggage on flights, and it's also great for weekends away. Thanks to its large opening – usually without a zip – even bulkier items can be stowed away quickly. Slit pockets and zip compartments keep things organised.
      They provide secure storage and easy access to valuables such as your purse and keys. Some styles also include features like a removable pouch in a matching design. Shoppers can generally be worn in different ways. Two medium-length to long straps allow you to carry the bag in your hand or comfortably over your shoulder. With a length-adjustable, detachable shoulder strap, you can also transform your shopper into a cross-body bag.
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      The Clutch

      The clutch is an elegant bag for the evening, which can also be combined with chic business outfits. Because it is among the smaller types of bags, it offers just enough storage space for all of your essentials. However, its compact dimensions can be advantageous. They allow you to carry a clutch bag comfortably in your hand or slip it under your arm. The classic designs don’t have a handle or strap. In recent times, however, the clutch bag is often given a modern reinterpretation.
      Delicate wrist straps and detachable shoulder straps provide more ways to wear this piece. The designs have also become more diverse. While in the 1920s and 30s – the golden age of the clutch – the flat envelope style dominated, today we see more of a variation in styles. This also applies to decorative elements. Different leather embossing, cut-outs, fringing, gemstones and decorative hardware contribute to the wide range of different designs.
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      The shoulder bag

      For many women, the shoulder bag is a must-have essential. This is due, among other things, to its functionality, practical size, comfort and range of styles. Typically, the shoulder bag comes in a compact to medium-sized design. Due to its practical inner layout with lots of inside pockets and compartments, it is the perfect companion for all kinds of situations.
      Depending on the design, it either has one or two handles which are long enough to carry it comfortably over the shoulder. Many shoulder bags also have a detachable strap which can be adjusted in length. This means it can be worn as a cross-body bag when needed. These practical bags are also appealing in terms of design. They range from sporty and elegant, to extravagant, to avant-garde and unconventional in style.
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      The satchel

      As a fashionable reinterpretation of the classic leather school bag, the satchel comes under the category of handbags. This kind of bag, which is usually made of sturdy leather, can be recognised by the flap with metal buckle fasteners. The rectangular design is also a characteristic feature. The satchel generally provides enough space to fit a laptop inside and allows you to transport papers safely.
      The different compartments inside the bag make it easy to keep its contents organised – just one reason why the satchel is the perfect bag for the office or uni. Some designs also feature small patch pockets on the front. These provide more storage space and add to the classic school satchel look. The effect of the bag really depends on how you wear it. Carry it in your hand or under your arm to create a classic, feminine look, or use the optional shoulder strap to highlight the satchel’s practical, sporty side.
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      The backpack

      The rucksack has long established itself as a stylish alternative to a handbag, rather than a purely functional bag design. Whether you wear it on your back with both straps or casually slung over one shoulder, it will give your outfit a sporty look. However, some designs have even more to offer.
      With additional straps and handles, they can also function as a classic handbag – perfect if you want to keep both options open. Depending on its size and design, the rucksack can be used in different ways. For everyday wear and sporty activities, go for a large design with a practical layout and patch pockets for more storage space. Small backpacks, which offer plenty of space for all your essentials, provide a good alternative to a small cross-body bag for casual wear.
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      The cross-body bag

      The cross-body bag is carried with a long strap across the upper body. Wearing it in this way is extremely practical as it allows you to keep both hands free and makes carrying heavier items more comfortable. Because the cross-body bag is available in a range of different sizes and styles, the look and effect of the bag varies greatly according to the design.
      Large cross-body bags appear more sporty and casual, making them perfect for everyday wear. Small designs in distinctive styles with elements such as chain straps lend themselves perfectly to wearing as an elegant evening bag or as a key piece for urban looks.
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