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Shoulder Straps

Interchangeable shoulder straps for hand bags give you lots of styling options and ways to mix and match. Discover the high-quality designs from LIEBESKIND BERLIN!

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Keep things interesting: One shoulder strap for hand bags, lots of looks

Berlin has many facets. We can see this in the cityscape and in the Berliners themselves. They are not tied down to one particular style. The designs from LIEBESKIND BERLIN are inspired by the capital’s unique attitude towards life. The result: Bags and accessories that can be carried many different ways and can be mixed and matched with many items. Interchangeable shoulder straps are a perfect example. They provide variety and allow you even more versatility in styling your bags from LIEBESKIND BERLIN. Select a shoulder strap and create many different looks!

Shoulder strap for your bags

Do you like to carry handbags, but you don’t like to limit yourself to a certain style of bag? With a shoulder strap for handbags you can transform your bag in next to no time! The only requirement: the proper hardware. And most bags from LIEBESKIND BERLIN have just that. LIEBESKIND BERLIN bags have elements directly on the handle or at the sides where you can attach the shoulder strap for handbag with carabiner hooks. A new strap gives you another option for carrying your bag and you also create an entirely new design. To ensure that the interchangeable leather straps are suitable for bags in a variety of designs, the straps have subtle hardware that can be combined with various alloys.

Be individual, be creative!

Bags from LIEBESKIND BERLIN can be carried in a number of different ways. For example, many bags come with a detachable, length-adjustable shoulder strap. Several bags have a special strap design that allows you to carry them as both a shoulder bag and a rucksack. Why does a shoulder strap for handbags give you more options? Even if your bag from LIEBESKIND BERLIN gives you many options, an additional shoulder strap provides even more styling possibilities. For example, you can give a classic bag a whole new look with a different strap.

Commitment to quality

Design, material and finish all take top priority at LIEBESKIND BERLIN:

  • Design: Like all of our products, we highlight both the practical and visual aspects in the design of our shoulder straps for handbags. Our bag straps give you more options for carrying your bag and provide even more space for unique styling. Elements such as a wide shoulder strap make it comfortable to carry even if your bag is a bit heavier.
  • Material: Leather is the most important raw material for bags and shoulder straps by LIEBESKIND BERLIN. We only use high-quality leather that has been elaborately finished and further refined for production.
  • Craftsmanship: Our shoulder straps for handbags are crafted with great care. This ensures the same high quality.

Proper leather care

Leather is a robust natural material that lasts a long time and grows older with age – provided you care for it properly. That is why it is important to tailor care to the respective leather. Applies to all types of leather: Waterproof your bag or strap before first use to protect it against water spots and subtle soiling. For lasting protection, repeat the process every six to eight weeks for your bag’s leather strap. The waterproofing spray from LIEBESKIND BERLIN can be used on all leathers and is suitable for caring for fine and grained smooth and antique leather as well as suede.

Does your bag accompany you everywhere you go? Then chances are, you can’t avoid getting it a little dirty. Smooth leather is usually fairly easy to clean: Simply remove light soiling with a damp cloth. If this does not have the desired effect, we recommend using mild cleaning and care products. Our bamboo lotion removes dirt from bags and shoulder straps for handbags while simultaneously moisturising the leather. The leather cream from LIEBESKIND BERLIN is perfect for larger surfaces. It is easy to apply with a cloth.

Nubuck and napped leathers are types of suede. The brushed outer surfaces make them more sensitive to dirt and moisture. Therefore moist cleaning and care products can leave behind residues on the leather. If you want to clean a leather strap with a brushed outer surface texture or freshen up the outer surface a bit, then you should use a special leather brush. You can use this to brush out residues. Our nubuck box is a good alternative to conventional leather brushes. Special to this product: It has two different sides. Use one side to remove spots, use the other to remove dust and brush the fibres back up.

Add contrasting details with a shoulder strap for shoulder bags

With an interchangeable shoulder strap you can give your bag a whole new look. Don’t be afraid to add contrast: For example, match the embossing of your bag and the strap to each other, but choose different colours. In this way, a black leather shoulder strap goes beautifully with a brown shopper. You can also create beautiful contrasting details if the bag and strap are made from leather in the same colour or colour palette, but have different embossings. For example, team a strap made of smooth leather with a bag with reptile embossing. The same holds true for combinations of leather and other materials.


Expand your collection of LIEBESKIND BERLIN bags with leather straps for bags and discover lots of new ways to mix and match! You can find the entire range of shoulder straps in our online shop. Do you want to receive regular updates about our products and current promotions? Then subscribe to our newsletter or sign up for the LIEBESKIND BERLIN card. As a genuine LIEBESKIND BERLIN girl, you will receive additional invites to exclusive events and have access to the pre-launch of our products.

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