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Key Rings

Bring order to your keys – with style. LIEBESKIND BERLIN has everything you need. Shop now!

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Every key in the right place: Keyrings from the current LIEBESKIND collection

Berlin: a bustling metropolis – and simply our city. This is where we find inspiration for our collections, which make our lives better with their designs and practicality. Even a relatively commonplace object like a key-ring serves this purpose. What is closer in a city full of doors, gates and locks? After are, there are at least as many keys that are a part of everyday life. With a keychain from LIEBESKIND BERLIN, it will be easier to hold your keys in your hand, you will always keep them all together and it will be harder to lose one. At LIEBESKIND BERLIN, you will find what you are looking for – whether the door that you lock and unlock is located in Berlin or elsewhere.

Leather key chains and metal key rings

Keys come in countless shapes and sizes, yet many look very similar. Whether your keys look similar enough you can confuse them or not: With an eye-catching key ring, you’ll have a distinctive piece that makes it easy to carry your keys with you. If you have several keychains, different key rings can tell you at a glance, which key is the one you are looking for. This keeps your key holder – or wherever you store your keys – organised.

Whether you prefer matte stainless steel or gold, silver or leather on your keyring – you will find a wide variety of materials, colours, shapes and designs from LIEBESKIND BERLIN. Our keychains are efficient ways to carry your keys and feel good to hold. Experience their pleasant texture for yourself, which will benefit you every day.

Do you prefer smooth leather in a vintage look? Would you like a heart-shaped charm with a metallic effect? We have everything your heart desires, from sleek to extravagant – yet every key ring remains authentic to itself. Some key-rings have practical carabiner hooks that you can simply attach to the hardware of your clutch bag – or where is most practical for you. Plaited key rings made of smooth leather with a natural grain are also available at LIEBESKIND BERLIN depending on the collection. Select a key ring in your favourite colour; and there are even more options that will allow you to further customise your style.

Dead weight? Never! Carries your weight? Always!

Not convinced by looks alone? Fabulous! There are even more practical reasons: A single key can easily fall out of your bag as you pull out something else. A key ring makes this a bit harder. It has more volume, stands out a bit more and therefore you are more likely to notice it. The more keys you attach to a key ring, the heavier your keychain will be. This means it will be more difficult to pull out of your bag by accident. In addition, it will automatically sink deeper into your bag. This makes it less likely that your keys will fall out accidentally.

Of course, a key ring must be able to carry the weight of your keys. That is why our keychains are very robust and durable and therefore intended for daily use. To keep our leather key-rings looking good for a long time, it’s a good idea to spray them with waterproofing spray every now and then. Doing so protects your faithful keyring from waterspots and light soiling. Of course, you can also find suitable leather care products for all kinds of leather at LIEBESKIND BERLIN.

Incidentally, a key-ring from LIEBESKIND BERLIN is also a perfect personal gift.

Key-rings made of high-quality leather and elegant metal

House key, car key or bicycle key: Keys are simply unavoidable and it feels like we have to carry around more and more of them. We have a selection of practical accessories for you that will keep you from having to fish out your keys one by one and hope that you find the right one: For example, LIEBESKIND BERLIN has keyrings made of gold and silver. Many models combine elegant metal and high-quality leather – we’re confident you'll find the right keychain for you! No matter which key ring you decide on: when you reach for your keys, you will have proven quality at your fingertips. Go for it!

Key-rings and more – Have you already found a keychain from LIEBESKIND BERLIN? Perfect! That means now you have more time to browse through our other urban accessories! We have many highlights to offer you, for example, belts, purses, bracelets, watches, mobile phone pouches and much more. Of course, you can also find a suitable bag for you to store and combine with your new accessories. Take a look at our products – it’s worth it!

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