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Leather cosmetics cases and make-up bags: Practical and stylish

Berlin is unique. A city defined by its individuality and the spontaneity of its inhabitants – the perfect source of inspiration for the designs by LIEBESKIND BERLIN. High-quality make-up bags and cosmetics cases for women perfectly match the lifestyle of Berlin. Spontaneous happy hours after a long day in the office or a weekend festival – your cosmetics case can hold everything you need for a quick touch-up to your make-up. In the style of LIEBESKIND BERLIN, functionality and appearance go hand-in-hand with our cosmetics cases. Our designers incorporate current trends and interpret them in timeless ways. This means you will be able to enjoy your cosmetics case or make-up bag for many seasons to come.

Cosmetics bags made of high-quality materials

LIEBESKIND BERLIN is famous for high-quality leather bags in trendy designs. We have the same high standards for our leather make-up bags as we do for our handbags. The are made only from high-quality leathers that undergo our elaborate finishing and refining processes. Handmade production ensures the same high quality and a long lifespan, however, it is also accompanied by slight deviations in the appearance of individual pieces – a characteristic of LIEBESKIND BERLIN products that does not influence quality, but gives each piece unique flair.

Like the handbags from LIEBESKIND BERLIN, the focus of our cosmetics cases is on the leather. However, our range also includes bags made of other materials. Nylon and canvas are good alternatives to leather. These materials are robust, easy to care for and can be shaped into a wide variety of designs. Combining leather with other materials creates exciting contrasts.

Which cosmetics case or washbag for women is best for you?

The make-up bags and washbags from LIEBESKIND BERLIN boast practical designs. Whether for day-to-day use or your next trip – select a bag that best suits you and your needs:

  • Small models: Looking for a leather cosmetics case for your handbag that can go everywhere you go? You can store your lipstick, powder and concealer in small bags with one compartment. At the same time, they do not take up too much space in your bag, making it unnecessarily heavy.
  • Spacious designs: Designs with several inside compartments are the right choice if you are looking for a leather toiletries bag for your next trip. Here, you will have more space for your care products and can organise them as you see fit. If you want to transport your jewellery and watch in your cosmetics case as well, then models with a zip compartment are ideal. In compartments that can be zipped shut, even smaller items such as rings and stud earrings will be kept safe and not fall out.
  • Flat designs: If you are looking for a convertible cosmetics case, then flat designs are ideal. Although they offer a little less space for cosmetics products, they are ideal for storing important documents for your trip. This means you will have your boarding pass and passport at your fingertips. At night it’s easy to transform your leather cosmetics case into a clutch bag. Models with a leather strap at the side can be casually slipped around your wrist.

Our tip: Are you travelling with lots of technical equipment? A leather make-up bag is also a stylish way to transport charging cables for your smartphone and laptop as well as camera equipment.

Tips for leather cosmetics cases

Cosmetics bags made of leather feature an elegant look and are extremely practical. Not sure if a suede or smooth leather model is right for you? As a general rule, both versions are very durable. You will need to be more careful if you want to also store liquid cosmetics in a suede bag. It is easier for residues to form. Smooth leather bags are slightly easier to clean. With the proper care products, however, you won’t have to worry about your leather cosmetics case.

Cleaning leather make-up bags: Here’s how

Spilled foundation or crumbled bronzer are annoying and can leave unattractive marks in and on your bag. While nylon can be washed off and most fabrics can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius using the gentle cycle, removing stains from leather takes a bit more work.

It’s best to remove light smudges on smooth leather as quickly as possible with a damp cloth. We recommend using a mild cleaning solution such as the bamboo lotion from LIEBESKIND BERLIN for heavier soiling. Our bamboo lotion removes dirt while caring for the leather at the same time. If you discover residue on a cosmetics bag made of leather with a brushed outer surface, it’s best to avoid liquid cleaning solutions. Instead use a special eraser for nubuck or suede. Our nubuck box is another good alternative. It has two sides: Use the coarse side to clean the leather, and the soft side to brush the grains back up.

Our tip: Cosmetics cases often contain residues from various products, which forms a good breeding ground for germs. To prevent them from spreading, we recommend wiping the interior of your bag with an anti-bacterial wet wipe.

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