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Protect your smartphone with this stylish accessory: At LIEBESKIND BERLIN you will find matching mobile phone cases.

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Protect your mobile – everywhere you are

Always on the go? Is your smartphone (nearly) always with you? Then treat your mobile to a certain amount of protection and style: Shop for your new mobile phone case at LIEBESKIND BERLIN! Incidentally: iPhone cases and accessories are also a fantastic gift idea.

Great ways to protect your mobile

It only takes a split second and the next thing you know you’ve dropped your mobile. Sometimes your mobile is just fine, but don’t leave it to chance. Depending on the surface, your beloved communication device can be destroyed or damaged in an instant if it falls and is not protected. A cracked or scratched display can frequently be replaced, however it often costs money and time, and is best to avoided completely.

A protective cover for your mobile can’t save your phone from all damage. Nevertheless, this chic accessory will provide much greater protection against any impact. With a striking colour and a timeless design, you can also accentuate your style – that’s exactly what the printed or embossed LIEBESKIND BERLIN lettering stands for on the cover. A stylish mobile phone case for your iPhone, Samsung smartphone or other mobile keeps you and one of your most valuable possessions a whole lot safer when on the go – and also a bit more unique!

Attractive, lightweight, practical

Modern mobile cases for iPhones and other mobiles are efficient and minimalist. Framed in such a lightweight design, your mobile will be even easier to hold because you will have a better grip. This fact alone can prevent some mishaps from occurring – and your mobile will not feel much heavier despite the protective cover. Another benefit to our unique designs: It is unlikely that you will ever reach for the wrong smartphone ever again.

More protection – any downsides?

iPhone cases, Samsung mobile cases and other protective covers are made of various materials, depending on the case. These materials include hard and soft plastics – such as silicone, neoprene and faux leather – as well as high-quality genuine leather. Every case protects your smartphone and has its own advantages. Furthermore, you can decide between a hard case and a soft case. Some designs fit around the frame of your smartphone, leaving the display completely free, while other mobile phone cases completely envelop your smartphone.

The most important thing is that the case does not get in the way of you using your smartphone. The reception will not be affected and you should be able to reach all of your phone’s important features while your mobile is inside the protective cover. Many models have precise cut-outs for the camera lens or buttons for easier use. High-quality cases also do not impair the sound quality of the speakers. Of course, mobile phone pouches are an exception: In this case, you must remove your mobile before you can use it. Pouches are a particularly effective way to protect the display on your mobile.

Protect your mobile phone against heat and cold

A mobile phone case protects your iPhone from many things. But a case alone cannot protect against everything. You also play an important role.

  • Do not leave your mobile under the blazing sun. Heat can affect the battery and display and damage other functions.
  • Protect your smartphone from the cold as well. Otherwise, the battery may have a significantly shorter lifespan. When the temperature changes from cold to warm, condensation can form and damage your device.
  • Protective covers for mobile phones protect against damage from being dropped and scratches, but, depending on the material, they can also help against heat and cold to a certain extent. However, plastic cases can melt in strong sunlight.

Characteristics of the materials at a glance

  • Plastics are very easy to dye. This results in a wide range of colours, patterns and motifs. Compared to other materials, however, many plastics are not as resistant to heat as other materials. This means they can melt if it gets too hot. However, even if you do not have a protective cover made of plastic, you still should not leave your smartphone in the hot sun, otherwise it could be damaged.
  • On the otherhand, although a mobile phone pouch made of neoprene insulates your mobile against heat and cold rather effectively, the pouch also makes it more difficult to use your mobile. After all, you must always remove your smartphone if you want to use it. Should your mobile slip out of your hand once it is out of the pouch, it will not be protected.
  • Silicone is particularly stretchy and cushions impact. What’s more, it has a non-slip outer surface and provides a better grip even on tilted surfaces. Nevertheless, protective mobile covers made of silicone are frequently thicker than other plastic cases. If silicone gets dirty, it can also be a bit more difficult to clean.
  • Leather boasts a pleasant texture and looks very high quality and elegant. Leather can even be thinner than plastic and still withstand impacts and shocks just as well. Leather develops a natural patina over time due to abrasions and changes in colour – but that is precisely what gives this material its special charm. By caring for the leather properly, you can keep a leather case soft and supple for a long time.

So what’s the verdict?

No matter what kind of material you decide on for your iPhone case or Samsung mobile phone case: every model looks good and provides a high degree of protection. Just remember you and your cell phone are not immune to every potential danger. Protect your mobile as best you can against falling, heat or cold. Your new protective cover for your mobile will be a powerful ally in supporting you. Ideally, in addition to a mobile phone case, you will also protect the display with a stick-on protective foil. This will protect your smartphone even more if your mobile falls on a hard, uneven surface and lands directly on the display.

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