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Small evening bags with big impact. Discover the clutch bags from Liebeskind Berlin.

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Clutch bags – stylish evening bags for a perfect girls’ night out

A clutch is a must-have going-out bag. You can hold strapless clutch bags in your hand or under your arm. A clutch is an evening bag in a mini design that allows you to store your necessities. Minimalist, edgy and stylish: Add Berliner chic to your evening wardrobe. A clutch bag from LIEBESKIND BERLIN is made from high-quality, hand-crafted leather. The design gives you lots of space to express your individuality.

The clutch bag: A small bag with big impact

This is our smallest bag and it already boasts an impressive history. It first became a popular accessory in the roaring twenties. Even then, the intoxicating metropolis of Berlin was a trendsetter. The clutch bag complemented the confident style of women who discarded their corsets to indulge in the extravagant night life in swirling flapper dresses. In 1947, Dior rediscovered the clutch bag as part of his New Look creations. Since that time, the clutch has been a must-have accessory for evening wear.

When you purchase a clutch, you are deciding on a small evening bag. A clutch bag is larger than a purse, which means you can fit your purse, keys, smartphone and make-up inside – yet it is small enough that you won’t need an eternity to find something. Credit cards, concert tickets and the like can be stored in practical zip and slit pockets. Simply leave whatever you do not need for the after-work party or gallery opening at home. A clutch bag is much more than just a small, chic bag. The name “clutch” perfectly describes it. A classic clutch bag has neither a shoulder strap nor a handle. You can comfortable carry it between your upper arm and upper body, grasp it between your lower arm and waist or hold it effortlessly in your hand – it’s up to you. A clutch bag helps you to effortlessly assume a posture that exudes lots of charm. Clutches flatter your figure – whether you are wearing a close-fitting evening gown or a casual party dress. You can use a clutch bag as a subtle accessory or select an extravagant model that will instantly set the tone for your evening wardrobe.

A classic envelope clutch bag or a statement bag

No two clutch bags are alike. This evening bag is available in many minimalist, classic and extravagant designs – in short: as multifaceted as you are. LIEBESKIND BERLIN gives this classic evening piece an unmistakeable twist. Every clutch bag design is unique, giving you plenty of space to incorporate your personal style.

A clutch bag boasts a minimalist, understated design that accentuates your look without distracting from your outfit and looks particularly elegant. Bolder designs are ideal for making a statement at a party or a dinner.

Envelope clutch bags are a classic evening bag. Its shape is reminiscent of a pointed envelope and personifies retro chic. A clutch bag in an envelope design complements both sleek cocktail dresses and airy polka dot looks.

Narrow, elongated clutches and other bags with a straight flap, which can be fastened with a press stud or a snap clasp, exude subtle glamour. There are no superfluous details distracting from the sleek design. A matte sheen clutch in muted shades is ideal for a business dinner, whereas a clutch bag in pastel tones is the perfect accessory for your best friend’s wedding. A smooth leather clutch bag with a metallic shimmer will have you shining at the opera or a film premiere without putting on airs.

At LIEBESKIND BERLIN, however, you will also find causal clutch bags for an everyday look. Studs, bag flaps, woven outer surfaces and brushed textured leather add casual, pretty accents. Thanks to the handle and shoulder strap, you will always have your clutch bag to hand. Thanks to these elements, you can dance the night away at the club or race through town on your bicycle with your clutch bag. Of course, you can also play around with the bags from LIEBESKIND BERLIN and experiment with daring combinations. Get inspired with the edgy look of Berliner fashions. For example, team a striped blouse from our collection or a red cocktail dress with a saffron-yellow clutch bag. Anything goes! Our statement clutch bags make a splash with loud colours, unusual material combinations and prints. Extravagant shapes, sparkling studs and curb chains as a shoulder strap also catch the eye.

Glamorous and practical: Shop clutch bags from LIEBESKIND BERLIN

LIEBESKIND BERLIN values every detail. We believe that a clutch bag shouldn’t just look great, it should also be practical.

A clutch bag with or without a shoulder strap? Many designs give you the choice because they have a detachable shoulder strap or a flexible cross-body curb chain. It’s hard to beat the texture of a leather clutch bag. Even if the night life picks up in pace, it will not slip out of your hand. The soft leather sits snugly in your hand – which is ideal for a bag you are holding the entire time.

Clutch bags are cleverly divided so that all of your essentials fit in one of these small bags. Separate compartments for your smartphone and small change, pen holders and a key ring, outer compartments with a subtle zip and slots for your credit card and ID make perfect use of little space. This means you won’t waste time digging through your clutch bag.

Hand-crafted clutch bags in high-quality leather

Shoulder bags, belt bags, shoppers or clutch bags: Regardless of the bag, LIEBESKIND BERLIN has the highest quality standards. This applies to both the material and the craftsmanship. We used the finest types of leather from Portugal, which gets its fine texture thanks to an elaborate tanning process which uses vegetable tannins. In order to ensure the same high quality in all our bags, our pieces are all made by hand. And we rely on production facilities in Europe to do so. The LIEBESKIND BERLIN logo always harmonises perfectly with the overall design. It is either stylishly embossed into the leather or attached as a gold or silver-coloured metal appliqué – and it always suits the design.

Designs in the unmistakeable style of Berlin and high-quality materials – these are the hallmark of LIEBESKIND BERLIN bags. The leather for our clutch bags is carefully refined in a multi-step process and crafted by hand. For example, for designs in a linear shape and envelope clutch bag, we use our Eco Thick leather. The thick, full-grain leather provides stability and texture. Bags in a slouchy look are made from high-quality suede and smooth leather, such as the Light Embossed suede. The fine nubuck leather boasts a particularly soft outer surface and has a unique look and feel. Combined with smooth, textured leather the texture of the outer surface stands out even more. Details are also a priority at LIEBESKIND BERLIN. For this reason, high-quality hardware in gold and silver round out the designs of our clutch bags.

Tanning makes leather durable, while coated surfaces are even more robust. Alternatively, waterproofing or treating our products with other leather care products permanently protects the leather against moisture or dirt. Spots can be removed with special cleaning products and a care lotion keeps the natural material supple.

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