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Napped leather

Patent leather is a grain-free leather with a high-shine surface. It is firm and shape-retaining with minimal stretch. Patent leather is mainly used for shoes and bags, but also for other small leather goods. This characteristic look can be created using two methods:
  • Warm patenting process
  • Cold patenting process

Since it is very time-consuming, the warm patenting process with linseed oil varnishes is rarely used today. Patent leather is usually produced using the cold patenting process. After impregnation and sanding, the leather is first given a coloured primer. Subsequently, a PU lacquer or a mirror-smooth film is applied to the surface. An advantage of patent leather produced using the cold patenting process: it is less sensitive to temperature differences.

An alternative to patent leather is crinkled patent leather. It also has a glossy surface, but unlike the classic version it is not completely smooth. Wrinkles are pressed into the surface of the leather or into the patent foil, giving it a crumpled appearance. Crinkled patent leather is slightly smoother than leather with a high-gloss patent layer.

Due to its sealed surface, patent leather is waterproof and easy to clean. However, the surface is susceptible to scratches and kinks. To prevent discolouration, it is recommended to store pale patent leather separately.

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Our characteristic soft patent leather with a high-shine surface. A patent layer is applied to the grain leather to produce the special shine. Bags and accessories made of Venus patent leather captivate with a unique look. In combination with smooth or napped leather, it creates exciting contrasts.


Patent leather with an interesting mirror look. The high-shine surface is produced by a foil which is glued to the real leather. The result: a patent leather with a soft finish and extravagant “look and feel”. The extraordinary finish makes the Specchio leather bags a real statement piece.
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