At LIEBESKIND BERLIN, our commitment to greater sustainability goes beyond individual decisions. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce our ecological footprint and to consider the entire lifecycle of our products and packaging. Our aim is to find the best balance between protection, durability and environmental responsibility.

Packaging is important to ensure that our products arrive safely and efficiently. So we cannot do without it completely. However, wherever possible, we reduce our use of packaging materials to the bare minimum.

To make sure your favourite items arrive safely, we pack them in environmentally-friendly FSC MIX cardboard (certified by the Forest Stewardship Council) and pay particular attention to more climate-friendly shipping solutions. We ship our online orders in cooperation with DHL GoGreen and Hermes.


Our items are packed in plastic polybags to protect them from dirt and damage. We have now made these bags more sustainable. Here’s how:

After weighing all the criteria, we chose to use certified recycled material. Over the last few months, the proportion of this material has gradually increased. Our aim is to achieve a closed-loop material cycle that is fuelled by our own consumption as far as possible. That’s why we’re currently collecting all the polybags we use in our own stores and returning them to our packaging partner’s cycle. We are also planning to withdraw polybags from other distribution channels.

The “Polyloop” concept provides a nuanced perspective on the use of plastic. When plastic materials are used, then recycled and reused in a circular economy, the overall impact is minimised. This stance promotes a more sustainable argument for the responsible use of plastic in certain applications, such as our polybags.


Do you consider other issues and actions to be far more important? Do you have questions or suggestions about our sustainability concepts? Let’s talk about it!

We know we’ve still got a long way to go – there’s a lot to do. Your honest opinions really interest us. Get in touch with us at