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Leather Bags

Your unique style can make a statement with high-quality leather handbags. Discover the exclusive bags from LIEBESKIND BERLIN.

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From Berlin to the rest of the world: High-quality leather bags from LIEBESKIND

Berlin are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The city is constantly changing and re-inventing itself. The designs of LIEBESKIND BERLIN are based on just that fact. They are not limited to one specific style. Instead they provide leeway for individual styling. Authentic to the core – typical Berlin. However, all products have two things in common:
high-quality materials and premium craftsmanship. All leather handbags from LIEBESKIND BERLIN are made by hand from fine leather. Whether you are looking for a shopper for everyday use or a clutch bag for evening wear, you are sure to find the right bag at LIEBESKIND BERLIN.

Leather and craftsmanship

Design, craftsmanship and the selection of materials go hand in hand when finishing exclusive leather bags for women. LIEBESKIND BERLIN places great value on all of these elements. We only use high-quality types of leather to make our leather bags. In order to ensure consistently high quality, our leather bags are crafted by hand. We use different kinds of smooth leather and suede to finish our high-quality ladies’ leather bags. Among others, these types of leather are used:

  • Cowhide
  • Sheepskin
  • Lamb leather

Visual differences are due to the natural textural differences of the types of leather was well as to the processing methods that are used. Therefore the LIEBESKIND BERLIN range of leather bags includes bags with a natural outer surface texture and leather handbags made of leather with a coated or embroidered outer surface. Various embossings on the outer surface and the use of woven elements create special effects. Soft lamb leather is especially well suited for woven elements.

Discover our leather bags for women

From chic evening bags to practical handbags made of leather for everyday use – our range comprises a variety of different styles of bags. The common element in every leather bag: They are functional and trend-conscious, however, they are not limited to any one specific style. As a result you have lots of leeway to style the bag as you see fit – you can always find new ways to combine the bags and new uses for them. Our spacious shopper can quickly transform into a gym bag after work or an aeroplane carry-on.

Do you like to carry your bag in your hand or do you prefer a shoulder bag for practical reasons? The way you carry your bag is a deciding factor in selecting a bag. That’s why we offer exclusive women’s leather bags that have the option to be carried in a number of ways. The majority of our handbags come with a separate shoulder strap, which you can remove or attach with little effort. Many small leather bags in our range also give you this option. In the evening it’s easy to transform these bags into a clutch bag. You can be just as flexible with our bag/rucksack hybrids. The shoulder straps can be transformed into one long strap or removed entirely thanks to an innovative design.

An eye for detail

Little things that you don’t notice right away often make a big difference. For this reason, details play a key role when designing our leather handbags. This applies for both visual and functional elements. For example, our handbags that are business bags offer lots of storage space for work items, while a practical interior and various inside pockets allow you to keep things organised as you see fit. If you decide on a bag with a padded inside pocket, you won’t have to worry about your laptop or tablet.

We believe high-quality leather bags are more than just a fashionable accessory. Our bags also serve a purpose. They should accompany you through many situations without having to worry about wear and tear. For this reason, our bags made from sensitive kinds of leather have stud feet, which protect the base of the bag.

Whether we’re talking about hardware, branding or pendants on the bag – a harmonious look is always at the forefront when considering design elements. For this reason, the colour of metal elements (gold or silver) can vary within one bag model, depending on the colour and design. The LIEBESKIND logo is also different on various leather handbags. On some models, it is embossed directly into the leather, while on others it is highlighted in the colour of the hardware.

Properly caring for leather bags

Leather is one of those materials that grows more beautiful with age. However, proper care is an important prerequisite. If you follow our tips for care, you will enjoy your leather bag for years to come:

  • Whether your bag is made from smooth leather or suede, the first waterproofing is particularly important. In order to avoid water spots, you should waterproof your leather handbag before use. You can use the LIEBESKIND BERLIN waterproofing spray for bags made of suede as well as smooth and antique leather.
  • In order to permanently protect high-quality leather bags, we recommend repeating the process every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • To ensure that the leather does not dry out or become brittle, it ought to be moisturised on a regular basis. Our bamboo lotion contains natural bamboo extract, which balances out the loss of moisture in the leather. At the same time, it removes impurities on smooth leather.

Please note: Suede is particularly sensitive to moisture – even cleaning products. Therefore do not care for suede bags with liquid products. Instead, use suede brushes or the nubuck box from LIEBESKIND BERLIN.

Tips on caring for your leather bag

If you care for your high-quality leather bag properly, it will only grow more beautiful with time. The following tips will help you:

To ensure that the ingredients in the waterproofing spray penetrate the outer surface of your bag and can actually work, we recommend that you first gently clean the leather.
Do not just waterproof your leather handbag one time. Let you bag dry at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes after the first treatment and repeat the process two or three times.
Care should be tailored to the type of leather. For example, suede requires different care than smooth leather.

Buy LIEBESKIND BERLIN leather bags online

You can buy a large selection of leather bags in the LIEBESKIND BERLIN online shop. Find the model that perfectly suits you. Do you want to find out more about LIEBESKIND BERLIN and be kept up to date about on-going campaigns and promotions? Subscribe to the newsletter and browse through our magazine on a regular basis. If you do, you will be one of the first to find out about new collections or collaborations with influencers.

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