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Women’s leather belts: From casual to classic

LIEBESKIND BERLIN makes fascinating leather belts that are functional, high-quality and unconventional. Inspired by big city flair, you will be perfectly dressed for the streets of Berlin with one of our ladies’ belts – whether on the way to work or relaxing at the banks of the Spree with friends. And just as you can always discover new things in the streets of Berlin, you will continue to be surprised by the versatile designs of our women’s belts with their raw elegance.

How do you determine what size leather belt is right for you?

It is important that your leather belt for women fits perfectly: However, frequently, belt length is confusing as not all manufacturers use the same measurements. There are two ways to provide the length of a leather belt:

  • Total length: As you may have thought, this information refers to the total length of the belt – from the outer edge of the buckle to the tip of the belt. Unfortunately, this value does not tell you a lot about whether a leather belt will fit you.
  • Waist measurement: At LIEBESKIND BERLIN, we prefer to use this measurement. Here, the length corresponds to the distance between the outer edge of the buckle and the middle hole of the belt. For women, five holes are usually punched into the leather for fastening the buckle.

The waist measurement is also the same for waist circumference or hip circumference, where the women’s leather belt fits perfectly. To determine the belt length for you, simply take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your waist or hips – depending on how you want to wear the belt later. At LIEBESKIND BERLIN you will find belt lengths between 80 and 105 centimetres for each design.

The width of your ladies’ belt depends on two factors: Whether you want to wear the belt in a classic way, through the loops of your skirt or jeans, or should the belt be wider than the loops. If you wear a belt primarily as a stylish accessory, then you can opt for a significantly wider leather belt for women.

How to team your ladies’ leather belt with unique styles

For unconventional Berlin girls, a belt is more than just a practical accessory for keeping your trousers or skirt in place. By wearing it over a coat or oversized jumper, it accentuates the waist and adds a feminine detail. To emphasise your experimental side, try wrapping a long scarf around your shoulders to just above your hips and tuck it in underneath a leather belt. You can discover new potential in your wardrobe everyday.

What materials are used for women’s leather belts?

The colours and designs of our leather belts for ladies are just as unique as the people on the streets of Berlin: Whether black, brown, beige, red or blue, whether patterned, sleek and simple or embellished with studs – you will find leather belts for every outfit and every occasion at LIEBESKIND BERLIN. We are particularly proud of the high-quality leather used to make all of our belts. We primarily use three types of leather for our high-quality leather belts for women:

  • Vacchetta: This thick, full-grained smooth leather is cowhide leather and is perfect for women’s belts because of its comparatively firm texture. The finishing process includes drum-dying, embossing and spray coating. Vacchetta leather is suitable for many uses thanks to its natural sheen and robust finish and boasts exceptional quality.
  • Nubuck: This fine suede is particularly soft. It comes from the outer side of the skin of cows – the grain split. Gently sanding the outer surface creates the unique, velvety texture. The texture of nubuck is significantly finer than napped leather – the other common form of suede.
  • Suede: This is one of the highest-quality forms of napped leather. It also comes from the skin of a cow and – like nubuck – is a type of napped leather. Suede is also defined by its particularly soft outer surface. The leather belts from LIEBESKIND BERLIN boast unique colour intensity thanks to special dyeing processes.

Suede leathers are particularly sensitive to moisture and dirt – if they are not treated. In order to enjoy your leather belt for as long as possible, you should waterproof it before first use and repeat the process every six to eight weeks. In addition, caring for leather helps to keep the material soft, supple and clean for a long time.

Which buckle do you want to wear with your belt?

At LIEBESKIND BERLIN you will find a wide range of leather belts with various buckles. Do you want a subtle belt buckle with a fine finish or would you prefer a distinctive, large buckle that will catch the eye and give your outfit an edgy twist? If you want to show off your modern, style-conscious side, you can select a belt buckle with a shape that matches the rest of your jewellery. Do you prefer square or round accessories – are your necklaces made of gold or silver? You can buy a matching belt at LIEBESKIND BERLIN for all of these cases.

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