Back to the Future


What if you found yourself face-to-face with your younger self at a party? Step into the enchanting realm where past and future meet. As we unveil our ARCHIVE collection, we also pay homage to the chapters that brought us here. At the heart of the collection lies the interplay between the new and the old, a dance of innovation and nostalgia that defines our brand.

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LK204 - Iconic Style, Effortless Handling

The casual high format of the LK 204 bag is enhanced with attached pockets, adding a touch of refinement and making handling even more effortless. In the larger version, she becomes an organised and roomy companion for the office. As part of the Archive collection, she is available in two leather versions: lacquer distressed and smooth leather, with colour options of Stone and Black. Choose the style that suits you best and enjoy the ageless appeal of LK 204.

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Kayla - Bowling Bag goes Biker

The relaxed bowling bag design presents a spacious interior with two side seams for a casual touch inspired by the denim 2000 look. The zipper effortlessly extends along the entire length, ensuring convenient organisation. Rectangular accents edge the handles, while the modern silver hardware connects bag and handle. The bigger size is perfect for your casual everyday needs, whether it's for work or running errands. And for those exciting nights out, our small lacquer-distressed Kayla will surely make a statement.

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