Spring/Summer 2024


Catch the summer vibe – take the plunge with us!

Our new campaign immerses you in the true essence of summer. Berlin awakens with the sun and invites you to spend time with your friends by the water. We have your back with our spacious all-rounders, ready to carry your towels, swimsuits and sunscreen, while a dainty handbag keeps your essentials close. Every moment is cherished in this vibrant atmosphere.

Embrace happiness with our Summerdaze campaign, which seamlessly blends the spirit of Berlin's summer with our Spring/Summer 24 collection.

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Torn between holiday and city life - the Straw Capsule is here for both! Handcrafted with care, the raffia bast bags feature a leather strap that enhances their shape, while the stitched-on logo adds sophistication to their woven surface. Choose from two styles: a small version for casual everyday styling and a new interpretation of our Aurora Shopper for lakeside adventures. Let the Straw Capsule bridge the gap and elevate your style in any summer scenario.

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We fall into summer, embracing the joy of this lively season. By the pool, with the distant sound of laughter, we bask in the warmth of the sunrays that delicately tickle our skin. It's all about feeling alive during this time. Vibrating colours for the high season like Lemon, Warm Canvas and Light Gold underline the summery mood. Experience the Berlin summer with us - and a juicy drop of lemon!

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