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Leather purses are a stylish and secure way to store money and cards. Discover the latest wallets from Liebeskind Berlin.

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High-quality leather and trendy designs: Wallets from LIEBESKIND BERLIN

What makes Berlin so special? A unique vibe, shaped by the diversity of its inhabitants. This many sides of this city give Berlin its special charm and make it an ideal place to discover your own style or to keep reinventing it. It is this special energy of Berlin that inspires all of our designs, including our purses. Discover our current collection of small leather accessories: Purses and card holders.

High-quality leather and carefully planned wallet designs

Since its inception, LIEBESKIND BERLIN has stood for high-quality leather accessories and bags. We have high standards when it comes to selecting and finishing leather for our products. We only use fine leather that is carefully processed and refined. Like our bags, we insist on making our leather purses by hand. This way, we guarantee particularly high quality and a long product life – one aspect that is especially important for frequently-used products like purses.

Our tip: Coordinate the design of your wallet to that of your bag. At LIEBESKIND BERLIN you will find matching purses to many of our bags. Are timeless designs important to you? Classic leather purses in black or brown match many different models of bags.

What defines a good purse? Apart from high-quality materials and premium craftsmanship, above all it depends on your unique needs. If you don’t need a leather wallet because you usually pay with cards and, other than that you rarely carry a lot with you, then a card holder may be a better fit for you. Card holders from LIEBESKIND BERLIN have several slit compartments. One main compartment provides space for notes if needed.

If you prefer to pay cash, then small designs are ideal. We offer a selection of small purses in leather in a wide variety of designs. You can neatly store notes and cards, while keeping coins safe in a compartment that fastens with a zip or a press stud. Are you looking for a purse and a key pouch in one? If you decide on a wallet with an integrated key ring, you will be less likely to misplace your keys.

If you want more than just a basic model and you have enough space in your handbag or rucksack, then a large leather purse from LIEBESKIND BERLIN is perfect for you. Sort the contents of your purse into the many different compartments – and you'll always know right where everything is. A coin pocket is just as much part of the standard design as are numerous slit compartments and a window for your ID or train ticket. Another big advantage of larger purses: At night they transform into a stylish clutch bag.

Our tip: If you are looking for a leather purse that’s a little bit different, you can also find some unique pieces in our range: They include special collections in bold designs, hybrids of a purse and clutch bag as well as necklace wallets with cross-body straps.

Find the right leather purse for you

Do you prefer only the basics or are you a collector? Find a leather wallet that complements you.

  • Is the space in your bag limited? Do you only pay with cards? Then a card holder with lots of slit pockets is perfect for you.
  • Money, cards, photos, keys, tickets – do you prefer to keep everything on you? Do you dislike getting rid of things? Then a large leather purse with lots of compartments is made for you.
  • Do you like to go without a bag at times? Do you like riskier styles? Then you are sure to like our necklace purse with a shoulder strap.

How to care for your leather purse

At LIEBESKIND BERLIN you will find classic pieces: Purses made from smooth leather in brown and black. However, our range also includes wallets made of suede and in a mix of materials. No matter what kind of leather it is – care is especially important for accessories that are as used as heavily as purses. However, care must always be suitable for the kind of leather:

  • Smooth leather purses: Light residue on the leather of the purse can frequently be removed with a damp towel. If that does not work, gently cleaning solutions can help, such as the bamboo lotion or the leather cream from LIEBESKIND BERLIN. The contents remove dirt while caring for the leather.
  • Suede purses: The brushed outer surface of suede and nubuck leather is slightly more sensitive to moisture. Therefore, instead of using liquid cleaning solutions, we recommend removing spots with special erasers or brushes. Since the leather of wallets is particularly affected by constant contact with the skin, it is also advisable to brush up the outer surface on a regular basis. This way, the fine fibres of the leather are evenly positioned and you can keep the characteristic suede look of your purse.
  • Purses with a mix of materials: Combining suede and smooth leather creates exciting contrasts. In order to preserve it, we also recommend tailoring the care to the leather in this case as well. In order to prevent liquid cleaning solutions for smooth leather from staining suede, you should protect each part when caring for and cleaning your purse.

Do you waterproof your leather bags and shoes on a regular basis? We also recommend this for your purse. Doing so will protect the leather of your wallet from moisture and light soiling. Get more tips on caring for leather products in our leather care booklet.

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