Music plays a significant role in shaping experiences. It’s a carrier of emotion and memory. Universally, music moves us all — across time, through space.

It’s no secret that music is at the heart of Berlin’s identity. From its clubs and venues to its radio stations, Berlin’s music scene brings people together and creates community.

As a Berlin-based brand, we want to give something back to our city, to help inspire the spirit that has inspired us. With LIEBESKIND BERLIN MUSIC, we’ve created a music programme with the goal of supporting up-and-coming local artists by offering them a platform. We want to promote young talent and circulate knowledge, all while creating unforgettable experiences.

Let’s move together. Tune in to LIEBESKIND BERLIN MUSIC.


Five days, one studio, three talents, one mentor.

We partnered with Refuge Worldwide — a community radio station and pillar of Berlin’s music scene — for an artist residency and 5-day mentorship programme hosted by the renowned DJ and producer Nene H. The Mentorship Programme provides opportunities for local artists to receive valuable guidance, infrastructure and equipment to create and refine new music and shape their artistic vision. LIEBESKIND BERLIN MUSIC x Refuge Worldwide chose three mentees to award this gift, with the final possibility to showcase their finished tracks live on Refuge Worldwide.

The Mentorship Programme: empowering musicians, empowering community. Lifting up the artists who are producing Berlin’s sound.


Turkish-born, Berlin-based Nene H is a powerhouse of Berlin’s electronic music scene. Whether she’s sprinkling trap into a peak-time techno set, or playing Berghain in her bridal gown — Nene H is the essence of the city’s evolving underground. But it is Nene H’s commitment to mentorship and uplifting marginalised artists that make this trail-blazing DJ the perfect mentor for our programme.

On the selection of her mentees, Nene H says: “We have chosen artists with different sounds who also represent different cultures.”


Anna, Yazen and Sofia were the three talents selected for LIEBESKIND BERLIN MUSIC x Refuge Worldwide’s Mentorship Programme. In the course of their residency, each of the mentees created a unique track in collaboration with Nene H. Listen to their sounds on LIEBESKIND BERLIN MUSIC’s Soundcloud — linked below.


Anna, aka kamunts (“from the wind”), believes in the transformative power of music to capture the essence of now, to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. One half of the post-punk female duo Jrimurmur, Anna takes inspiration from the rawness of life. On the experiences that have shaped her sound: “It’s the pulse of the underground, the heartbeat of the streets, the unity on the dance floor, the power of a sound system that shakes your soul and the music that brings us together.”


Originally from Tanzania, raised in Sweden, Sofia Fatuma is deeply influenced by her upbringing and heritage. She is the founder of the record label ASHR (Autonomous Sensory Hypnotic Response), envisioned as a sanctuary for underrepresented artists in the music industry. Sofia describes her sound as “powerful, energetic, driving, playful and a bit hypnotic.”


Also known by musical aliases Al Asli | الأصلي  and Yochchan, Yazen is a rap artist, multimedia artist, electronic producer and activist. His musical and cultural experiences in the Middle East have deepened his sound, opening him up to more varied “grooves, scales and rhythms” that “result in pure joy.” On his music: “Bass has always been the fundamental element, with sampling as an inspiring companion.”