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Shoulder Bags

The shoulder bag – a simple accessory for casual and everyday use. Discover the latest bags from Liebeskind Berlin and find a piece that complements you and your style.

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Shoulder bags for casual women in a Berlin style

Berlin is constantly re-inventing itself. This fact inspired the LIEBESKIND BERLIN designers to reinterpret even tried and true shoulder bags. From hobo bags to shoppers: The urban life leaves its signature in high-quality suede and smooth leather. And you get spacious bags in stylish designs that you can easily wear over your shoulder.

Urban shoulder bags in high-quality leather

A shoulder bag grants style-conscious women and cosmopolites the mobility they need when travelling to the office, to an after-work party or a yoga class. And a shoulder strap is always included. This means you can casually hang the practical bag on one side, over your shoulder, leaving your hands free for your mobile and a coffee. Short handles look particularly laid-back. They keep your bag at a comfortable height just below your shoulder, closely held at your side. The result? All your essentials are quick to hand.

Many shoulder straps are adjustable so that you can make the straps shorter or longer as desired. Transform your shoulder bag into a crossbody bag when riding a scooter or running for the bus or train. Cross body bags distribute the weight more evenly and are particularly comfortable to carry. Crossbody bags therefore make it incredibly easy for you to carry your shopping or thick tomes for uni.

These spacious bags will accompany you on any adventure any day of the week. No matter what you usually take with you, LIEBESKIND BERLIN offers you a choice from large shopper bags to medium-sized hobo bags and small, compact bags. Whether its an everyday look or a bag with a hint of glamour, for the office or slightly more feminine: Select the shoulder bag that suits you best.

In every case, you will receive a shoulder bag made of high-quality leather in a distinctive design. Our bags inspired by the urban vibe of Berlin from start to finish, yet they are also timeless. Just as Berlin is constantly in a state of change, yet remains the hopping metropolis on the Spree, LIEBESKIND bags withstand the quickly changing trends. You don’t need to stick with one look, and you have plenty of opportunities to style yourself as you see fit.

Classics for cosmopolitan ladies and unique shoulder bags for a girls night out

Hobo chic, vintage or glamorous in style: The typical LIEBESKIND BERLIN design is available in various interpretations. Our designers place a lot of emphasis on details: Brushed-up suede in a reptile look, bold studded details, fine grains, pretty woven patterns, animal prints, flap pockets and leather tassels provide cool accents. A mix of materials graces some bags for a casual patchwork design. Simple, stand-out bags, on the other hand, are beloved for their minimalism. One thing all shoulder bags have in common: Leather dominates and defines the essence of every LIEBESKIND bag.

The type of leather and finish determine the style of the bag: For example, coatings and embossings on the outer surface provide fascinating, shiny effects. Soft smooth leather can have a metallic shimmer or a matte sheen. A sparkling metallic look is electrifying, letting your bag twinkle under street lights. A matte finish, on the other hand, exudes understated sophistication. Suede also has its charm. It looks particularly edgy and boasts a pleasant texture.

At LIEBESKIND BERLIN, you can also select from bags in various colours. Bright red or vibrant azure blue transform even a small shoulder bag into an eye-catching bag. Brown and metallic shades are more neutral: these pieces can be carried to the office or with evening wear. Muted mint green and other pastel tones are more suitable for understated, everyday ensembles.

LIEBESKIND BERLIN boasts the perfect juxtaposition of design and branding. Depending on the style, the logo features as a silver or gold-coloured appliqué on the bag or is subtly embossed in the leather. The signature is a distinctive detail on every bag.

High-quality leather: The foundation of our shoulder bags

The selection of leather plays a big influence on the design of a bag. For this reason, we only use selected, high-quality leather for our shoulder bags. Our bags are made from elaborately finished suede and smooth leather: For example, Heavy Pebbles is a stunning smooth leather with a full grain and a coarse outer surface. Crete cow is another type of smooth leather. It boasts a smooth texture and looks a bit sleeker and simpler. The suede used for our shoulder bags is a soft form of suede with an elegant finish. Combined with other kinds of leather, suede creates exciting contrasts – perfect for an edgy look.

Small and large shoulder bags for metropolitan looks

LIEBESKIND BERLIN shoulder bags boast lots of functional elements for fashionistas. Thanks to the shoulder strap, you can keep both hands free. Shoulder straps are usually adjustable, so you can change the length as needed.

Depending on the size and shape, you can even store a tablet and folders in your shoulder bag. The sophisticated design of our interiors even creates the space for many things in small shoulder bags. A separate outer compartment lets you keep a notebook or bus ticket quick to hand. Inside zip compartments and slots for credit cards and pens give you many ways to store items, allowing you to keep things organised. This means you won’t waste time trying to find something.

Select your favourite bag and accentuate your unique aesthetic: our shoulder bags made of high-quality leather are inspired by urban trends, yet still look timeless. The following types of bags are particularly trendy:

  • Hobo bag: The elongated shape and crumpled design inspired its name as it is reminiscent of a hobo’s bindle. Inspired by the freewheeling lifestyle of a vagabond, today’s urban nomad shoulders their necessities in these practical bags. This unconventional style of bag can often be recognised by the ends, which point upwards and extend into the shoulder strap. The soft material keeps the volume of the bag flexible. Hobo bags coordinate beautifully with Boho style outfits.
  • Shopper: Strolling down high street or quickly picking up groceries: This shoulder bag is always a constant companion. Thanks to a large main compartment, a smaller compartment for your purse and credit card slots are perfect for shopping trips. The trapeze-shaped design of our shopper bags stands out and goes with many outfits.
  • Baguette bag: The elongated shape and compact size make this bag an extremely convenient accessory. Just like a clutch bag, it is easy to hold this bag underneath your arm. Baguette bags complement sophisticated vintage ensembles particularly well.

Fine leather for excellently crafted shoulder bags

No matter which bag you select: Your shoulder bag is composed of premium-made leather. The leather, made in Portugal, meets the highest quality criteria. It is elaborately tanned and boasts a distinctive fine texture.

In keeping with the high standards of LIEBESKIND BERLIN, all bags are made by hand. The special tanning process makes the material durable. The coated outer surface keeps away dirt and moisture. If you use the bag often, we recommend waterproofing it and treating it with care products from time to time. If you have a tiny mishap that causes a stain, the best way to remove it is with a special, gentle cleaning solution.

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