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      Clean and care for Liebeskind leather bags: It couldn't be simpler

      Shoulder bag, shopper or clutch – the bags from Liebeskind Berlin are known for their high quality and attention to detail. The basis for this: superior raw materials. We manufacture our bags exclusively using high-quality leather that only looks better with age – provided it receives the appropriate care. We will tell you how to clean and care for your Liebeskind leather bag so that you can enjoy it for a long time to come.


      Care tips

      The first step: waterproof your leather bag

      Your handbag is a faithful companion and you always have it with you? Then you know that some situations will arise that will put it through its paces. Moisture in particular can adversely impact many types of leather. Napped leather is especially sensitive to the wet. To prevent water stains from appearing on your Liebeskind leather bag, it is recommended to waterproof immediately after purchase. To guarantee permanent protection, you should reapply the waterproof treatment every six to eight weeks.
      Try out our Liebeskind Waterproof Spray. It is suitable for fine and grained smooth leather as well as nappa and antique leather. Positive side effect: waterproof spray also protects against minor soiling.

      The correct way to waterproof leather bags:

      1. Before applying the waterproof treatment, you should gently clean your Liebeskind Berlin leather bag so that the ingredients of the spray can take effect.
      2. Lightly spray your bag from a distance of approx. 30 cm with even hand movements. Don’t let the bag get too wet. Important: only use the spray outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms.
      3. Let the waterproof treatment dry at room temperature for about 20 minutes.
      4. Repeat the process two to three times to give your bag optimal protection against moisture.

      Our tip:

      The waterproof spray from Liebeskind Berlin is also suitable for your leather shoes and leather jackets.

      Clean your leather bag: get rid of small stains gently and smoothly

      You and your bag get caught in a shower, or the lid on your water bottle wasn’t done up properly? When leather gets wet, you should avoid two things:

      • UV light: sunlight makes the leather fade much faster.
      • Heating: exposure to a strong heat source can permanently warp the leather, make it porous and encourage the development of cracks.

      Our tip:

      Fill your Liebeskind bag with paper and let it air dry. If you want to clean your leather bag, make sure it is suitable for the type of leather in question. However, irrespective of the type of leather, you can be sure of one thing: avoid aggressive cleaning agents. They can influence the colour, cause stress to the leather and dry it out. In the worst case scenario, it can crack.

      Cleaning the different leather types:

      Cleaning leather bags made of smooth leather

      It is best to remove light stains with a damp cloth. Instead of using tap water, it is recommended to use distilled water. Because it contains no foreign substances, it does not form deposits. For heavier stains, use a gentle cleaning agent for leather like our Bamboo Lotion. Spray on the lotion and spread it around with a soft cloth. This will cause the dirt to dissolve by itself. A leather bag always requires extra care after cleaning, but this is already integrated into the bamboo lotion. The natural bamboo extract provides the leather with moisture and thus protects it from drying out.

      With the Leather Cream from Liebeskind, you can care for your leather bag and clean it at the same time. It is ideal for gently cleaning large surfaces and is applied using a cloth so that the high-quality ingredients can be well absorbed.

      Our tip:

      Cleaning and care products can also leave stains on your leather bag. It is therefore important to bear in mind: less is more.

      Cleaning leather bags made of napped leather

      Napped leather includes leather types with a buffed surface, as is the case for nubuck and suede. Due to the fuzzy surface, it is more sensitive than smooth leather and requires special care. It is therefore not advised to clean these leathers with water and liquid cleaning products.

      It is best to remove small scuffs and water stains with a leather brush. To begin with, brush with the grain and then against the grain. This lets you brush away dirt and stains and restore the nap. For cleaning napped leather, we look no further than our Nubuck Box. It has two different sides. Use the rough side to clean your nubuck or suede leather bag and use the soft side to remove dust and restore the nap. For larger stains and soiling, we recommend using a special nubuck and suede eraser.


      The way you store handbags is important, too. If you are not using your leather handbag at a given time, it is best to store it in a cloth bag. The bag protects it against dust and sun exposure.

      Alternatives to leather: cleaning nylon and canvas handbags

      It doesn’t always have to be leather. Nylon and canvas handbags are visually appealing, too. Moreover, they are easy to clean. Nylon is durable and impervious to dirt. To clean bags made of this material, it is best to use a sponge and mild soap. If you want to clean your Liebeskind canvas handbag or a handbag with canvas inserts, we recommend you use our bamboo lotion for this, too. It also cleans textile materials.

      The most important tips for leather bag care at a glance:

      • Waterproof new leather handbags before their first use.
      • Renew the waterproof treatment every six to eight weeks.
      • Clean your leather bag before waterproofing.
      • Use leather cleaning products sparingly so that they do not cause stains.
      • Do not use water or liquid cleaning products when cleaning bags made of napped leather.

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