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What benefits do I have as a registered customer?

After registering successfully, you will have access to many additional benefits and information that is only visible to you in your own personal area within the LIEBESKIND BERLIN online shop.

Personal data

Here you can change your login details and your password. Saving your billing address will simplify and shorten the ordering process. This will make your shopping experience more comfortable.

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Selecting your payment and shipping method

As a registered customer, you can choose the combination that is most convenient for you from the variety of payment and delivery options we offer, and define this as your standard method.

Delivery address book

Your personal delivery address book saves you the effort of having to enter the entire delivery and billing address every time you order.

As well as saving a main delivery address, you can also add additional preferred addresses and find them again easily every time you order.

How do I register?

The only way to create a personal account for the LIEBESKIND BERLIN online shop is to place an order.

If you don't have an account yet or you haven't logged in before making your purchase, you will automatically be asked to log in or register as the next step. At this stage, as a non-registered customer you can choose between two options: "Register now" or "Continue without registering". By selecting the first option, you will be taken to the next stage of creating your personal account. By selecting the second option, you will be taken to the next stage in the ordering process and you can complete your order without a customer account, as a guest.

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