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Big Purses

Discover elegant leather wallets in bold designs with lots of space for money, cards and more. Shop now – at LIEBESKIND BERLIN!

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Large purses: For everything you need

Whenever you reach for your purse, you want to have something authentic and unique in your hand. After all, a wallet is an important and frequently used accessory. Whether rectangular or with rounded edges: a pleasant texture is just as important as a bold design. An added benefit: The characteristic format or embossing makes it easy to find your wallet even in your bag even in the dark. LIEBESKIND BERLIN has a huge selection of ladies’ purses. It’s easy to order your favourite small leather accessories online.

Many sizes, colours and designs

The wallet that best suits you depends on your taste. You decide whether to go for a wallet in a colour that coordinates with your handbag or if you want to purposely add contrast with your large purse. Ultimately, both options have their own charm. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix things up according to your mood or the occasion! A high-quality wallet from LIEBESKIND BERLIN is an affordable luxury that you can enjoy every day – just like any of our carefully-selected products. See for yourself!

Accessories with character

Choose from our large purses for women, for example one made of elegant smooth leather. Or opt for a wonderfully soft leather with a natural grain. The practical and casual everyday accessories feature a carefully planned layout. Sensibly placed compartments create a tidy look and help you find things even in poor lighting. Large coin pockets and numerous slit compartments are always included as well.

Subtle embossed logos make a fashionable statement. Depending on the model, different clasps protect the contents, for example with zips, strap fasteners, practical all-round zips and press studs. Subtle and vibrant colours add accents. Find your favourite colour!

Caring for your leather purse

Of course you want to enjoy your women’s purse for a long time – whether the wallet is large or small. That’s why all of our wallets are finished from elegant raw materials and carefully crafted by hand. In this way we create products that are both beautiful as well as robust and durable and that will serve you faithfully for years to come. In general our products are finished so that they do not require elaborate care. However, frequent use, contact with your skin, and transportation can leave signs of use over time. Of course, this can add character to your large purse! But with minimum effort, you’ll be able to keep your purse in good shape, even with its natural signs of ageing.

A general rule of thumb is that if you clean the leather, than only apply light pressure to the outer fabric. When in doubt, do not use water. Special leather care products are much better in many cases. However, always test these products first in an inconspicuous place. This ensures that you will get the result you want before cleaning larger surfaces. Always make sure that the product is also suitable for the leather your purse is made of. By using a commercially available waterproof spray, you will also protect your wallet from water spots. Simply repeat the process as needed.

Large purses made of smooth leather stay in particularly good shape if you apply a leather care cream or leather oil from time to time – but only very sparingly with a damp cloth. First, massage it in gently, then carefully polish it. This protects your purse from fading, drying out and premature wear and tear. It also makes the leather more resistant to water damage.

Patent leather and open-pored leather require different care than smooth leather. The best way to remove dirt is with a soft cloth and a little furniture polish. A high-gloss sealant from a specialty store removes superficial scratches. As with smooth leather, simply apply the sealant with a soft cloth and gently massage it in to the leather. Clean suede with a leather brush or a special eraser from a specialty store. A soft sponge and a little warm water mixed with a mild detergent helps against more stubborn dirt. Treat the leather carefully and across the entire surface. Finally, dab it dry with a soft cloth and let the purse dry at room temperature.

Tips for selecting your purse

A large wallet for women must be more than “just” a wallet. You need enough space for credit and customer cards, your shopping list, photos of your partner or children – and ideally your dry-cleaning slip. Your purse is both an exceptionally personal accessory and an elegant eye-catcher that accentuates your style. Select your purse according to your needs: Decide how much space you require and what layout appeals to you. What do you need with you? What size should it be? Do you prefer a zip or a press stud fastener? However you imagine your perfect purse: you will find it at LIEBESKIND BERLIN.

Women’s purses (large) and more – at LIEBESKIND BERLIN

It doesn’t always have to be a large wallet. If you are travelling light, a small purse can sometimes be more practical. That’s why, at LIEBESKIND BERLIN, you will find compact purses in addition to large wallets for ladies. If you want something even smaller, we have incredibly convenient card holders and mini purses for you as well. Thanks to these small, yet efficient pieces, you will always have everything you need. In short: our collections have the perfect piece for any occasion. Choose what best suits your style! What’s more, LIEBESKIND BERLIN has lots of other accessories – from exclusive watches to jewellery. Have fun browsing!

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