Summer 2023

Under the same Sky

Between tall buildings, crowds and traffic - Berlin finds its way through the city, continuing to lead us past banks, trees, meadows and forests. Every day we cross these contrasting worlds, perfectly united in poetic contrasts. These contrasts are taken up in the current collection and confronted with each other in their different colours and materials.
LIEBESKIND BERLIN plays with aspects of itself and its city, which encourages us to seek culture, discovery and diversity. We are many and we are Berlin.

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Collect colours

The fresh red tone is reminiscent of poppies, the bright green of budding buds or the strong blue of a cloudless sky. Natural tones meet artificial colours and merge into an exciting overall picture. Whether and how you want to set accents is entirely up to you.

Paper Bag in a new look

The colour gradient gives the iconic design of the Paper Bag a new shine. The special colouring reinterprets her simple shape, making her perfect for your confident look.