Designed in Berlin: partnerships and local collaborations

Supporting regional and local projects is something really close to our hearts. Berlin, our eternal source of inspiration, is also home to our headquarters, which is why all our bags are “designed in Berlin”. At the same time, we work closely with local companies as well.

One of them is UpCandle. Their scented candles are hand-poured in Berlin and encased in elegant LIEBESKIND BERLIN leather sleeves with an embossed logo, making them one-of-a-kind designer pieces. For every candle sold, a percentage of the proceeds goes towards the Improving Forests project, which reforests existing forest areas. You can find more information about UpCandle here. (Link currently only available in German:

The LIEBESKIND BERLIN soulbottle is a great accessory to have in busy Berlin. These practical glass bottles are carbon neutral and are free from toxins and plastic. What’s more, for every glass bottle sold, one euro goes to a social drinking water project called Viva con Agua. You can find more information about soulbottles here.

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